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Sunday, 12 May 2013

How to Load Sarah Hurley's Digikits to Serif CraftArtist.

Hello blogland and happy Sunday. As I promised on Friday I am doing my first ever tutorial. My tutorial is on how to load the fabulous digikits from Sarah Hurley in to Serif CraftArtist. It's really easy to do, so much so, I managed it ok. So here we go.

1   First open up the Craft Artist program
2   Choose blank project

 3   Choose what type of project you would like to work with and press ok

 4     A popup will appear with all your digi kits that are already installed. Because we are creating a new digi kit with Sarah’s kit. We don't need to select one, so just click on done.

 5   Click on tools. That appears in the top tool bar and chose digi kit creator and this screen will pop up. 

  6     Click on the import button.

   7     A drop down box will appear, you can either choose add files of folders, for this tutorial we are adding folders, because Sarah’s kits will go into different folders when they are downloaded.

   8    Scroll to where Sarah’s kit has been stored and click on the kit you would like to load into craft artist.

   9     The folder will open, showing different folders inside i.e. embellishments, papers and Alphabets.

I find it easier if I load the embellishments first followed by the papers.

  10     Click on the folder you want to add first and click OK.

In about 2 minutes all the contents of the chosen folder will appear in the box. Repeat steps 6 to 10 until you have loaded the embellishments and Papers. If you want to have materials in your digi kit you are creating, you can load in the paper folder and they will automatically become editable materials when they are loaded in as materials. 

Loading Alphabets

1:  click on the alphabet tab at the side of the digi kit creator side tool bar. Click on the import tab, like we did to add the papers and embellishments and choose add folder. Scroll to the folder with the digi kit you are loading and find the alphabet folder, click on it and click OK.

You will see this screen pop up. The final process is a little bit time consuming but not difficult at all.

2:  You will see a letter, icon or punctuation symbol at the top left hand corner of the box and then click on the corresponding letter, icon or punctuation symbol. If there isn't any corresponding symbol in the box use your keyboard to match the symbol.
Carry on doing this until the entire alphabet is loaded.

Saving your new Digi Kit

When you have loaded all the elements of the digi kit all that is left to do is save and name your new digi kit. To do so click on the save digikit tab. A pop up box will pop up and then you can name the digikit and press save.
After that you will see all the elements flash up as your new digikit is saved and ready for you to craft with.

So there we are, my first tutorial. I hope you find it easy to follow. if you have any questions, please leave me a comment or email me on . If I can help you I will be happy to and if I don't know the answer straight away, I will find out and get back to you.

Ian xx


Sylvia Anderson said...

Well done x

caroline spice said...

Fantastic tutorial Ian and thank you for sharing it with everyone . Even if i dont have Serif YET :) X

Linda Simpson said...

Thank you so much for this Ian, I am new to Craft Serif Artist so I guess I will be asking you a lot of questions in the future.

Linda xxx

Gwyneth said...

Congratulations on getting your first tutorial done. I'm sure we'll be seeing many more from you now that you've made a fine start with this one.

Sarah Hurley said...

this is great, well done Ian! :)

Claire Newcombe said...

Hi Ian, this is a fab tutorial, and I hope you don't mind but I have directed a few people over to it who need a bit of help. I myself have found it invaluable.

Hope you're well
Claire x