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Saturday, 13 April 2013

How I found Craft.

Like my profile says I have always had a love of all things crafty, from a young age. I would look at paintings and appreciate the colours and how they went together. I would watch in awe as someone would sketch a landscape in great detail, with the high and low lights created masterfully with a single pencil. Even though I could appreciate the art and even the artist, I wasn't able to emulate the artwork myself. I tried to teach myself to draw, via books at first and then when the marvelous invention called the internet came readily available I watch online lessons, but I had to concede defeat and admit to myself I was not a natural artist. 

One day I was flicking through the many channels that had become available, thanks to Sky and the then named cable and wireless, now known to us all as Virgin Media, I came across a new channel called Create and Craft. I watched avidly and what I learnt from that first show, that there were different kinds of art and not just drawing and painting. I then tuned in for an hour every day, and slowly a light bulb flickered over my head and I thought I could do that. At that time, that is all it was a thought, because of commitments and new interests.

A year later and I found myself living away from my family and unemployed, all this led to my health declining and in fact I was diagnosed with depression. I had so much spare time on my hands, I really could have done so much, but with the the black cloud of depression hanging over me and sucking all the get up and go, out of me, nothing extra was done.  Again the same thing happened, I was flicking and I found Create and Craft again. I can remember thinking why are they showing Christmas things, because it was only June. The product that was being demonstrated, was the pinflair polystyrene snowman and Christmas bell and I can even remember the guests name, it was Christine, Princess Pinflair. I thought to myself, That looks really relaxing and I could make them for my parents for presents. I checked my cash flow and I can remember I was slightly short, but I knew I was going to get paid at the end of the week. I waited and I placed my order for the snowman kit. I was like a child at christmas, excited and willing it to come. My parcelle finally arrived and I opened it straight away. I don't even think I read the instruction, I just started pushing the coloured pins into the shape. It must of taken me about three weeks to finish it, but when it was done, Oh it was a masterpiece, or that is what I thought. I can remember wrapping it up and carrying it with great care on the coach back to Leeds, to take it to my parents. When my parents unwrapped my masterpiece, the looks on their faces said it all. My dad's face said to me, "Gee thanks!" and my Mum's said, "What on earth is it?" I thrust the snowman to them and I told them I had spent ages making it, for them. My mum then gave me the look a Mother gives a toddler, when they have been creative with pain for the first time. I didn't mind though, because I had made it myself, I had made something for them that, they wouldn't get from anyone else. The snowman actually had pins missing, one of its eyes was at the side of its head and the list could go on, but I loved it.
Every Christmas, my snowman comes out, a little more worse for wear, but I still love my first every creation and it reminds me that we all have to start somewhere  and we will have our disasters and our masterpieces alone the crafty road, and we should never give up.

I know what I am going to tell you now contradicts what I have just said, but I did give up after I branched out into papercraft and especially card making. The thing that happened was I put my heart and soul, and still do, into everything I make, and with the my illness, all it took was one bad criticism  to make me, down tool and never make anything for nearly seven years. I never stopped watching Create and Craft in awe of how professional the cards where and told myself, I can never do that.

March 2012, I started buying craft magazines to look at the cards and papercraft projects that had been created, also I managed to gather a few free crafty goodies. My passion was re-ignited and I wanted to start creating things again, but who for. Two months passed and Fathers Day was approaching  and that gave me the chance to get creating. I made my dad a Fathers Day card, from a seven year old CDrom{Us men are really difficult to make cards for} and a card blank I got free with a magazine. I again was pleased with my result and in the post it went. I rang my parents two days after, eager to hear what they thought of the card. It hadn't arrived, so I rang every day until it finally arrived. This time I couldn't see my parents faces, so I didn't really know what they were thinking, but my dad sounded, really pleased. That little boost and I kept watching Create and Craft for inspiration and then it was Christmas, that is when I found the enjoyment and love of crafting again. I will be posting all the cards that I have made since Christmas 2012, in date order and new cards as and when.. Please bare with me, if the images are not clear, I am cameraless and I am scanning the cards into my computer.

So that is my journey so far down the crafty road. I hope you will join me as I continue my journey and I hope you enjoy my creations.

Ian x


Linda Simpson said...

An interesting read and thank you for sharing. In my own experience there is no right or wrong way in crafting. We all have different tastes and ideas on what works for us. That is what I love about crafting.

I look forward to seeing your creations and welcome to Blog Land.

Linda xx

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your journey so far Ian :)

What you REALLY MUST remember is first and foremost you are crafting because YOU love it! It is relaxing and gives you a feeling of happy achievement when you have made your creation:)

There is NO right or wrong. All you will learn from other people is techniques, how products work, what product is right for which job. The rest HAS to be your Art Work and that's what makes it unique. Enjoy it:)
Michelle x

Esperite said...

Thanks for sharing your story, it made me smile remembering my first attempts at cardmaking and how proud I was! Your cards are lovely and Im looking forward to seeing more of your creations xxx

jean.phillips1 said...

Hi Ian, really enjoyed reading your story, thanks for sharing it with us all. As Michelle says, you are crafting because you enjoy it and find satisfaction in creating your own piece of art. Most people will love it and the few who don't are normally people who have no idea how much love that we all put into our crafting (you just learn to ignore them). Good luck with your future crafting. xxx

Angel-23 said...

Hi Ian, welcome to the land of blog, thank you for sharing how you came into the crafting world, I've been crafting for 2 years nearly and when I started it was quite overwhelming. I am now discovering my style but still learning so many techniques.
I look forward to seeing all your crafty creations.
Hugs Rachael :) xx

Andree said...

I enjoyed reading your story Ian. Crafting has obviously been a big draw for you and I'm glad you've persevered with it. Crafting should be a pleasure and part of that pleasure is sharing your creations with like minded people. Welcome to Blogland x

jane stillman said...

A very inspiring story Ian, well done on carrying on despite the ups and downs. The one important thing to remember is crafting should be fun, so just enjoy. Looking forward to more posts from you, welcome to blogland and thank you for sharing all your crafty creations with us x

Granmargaret said...

Thank you for your story Ian. As others have said there is no right or wrong, everyone does things differently. Some cards I made I didn't think were very good were loved by the receiver. Keep going and don't let any criticism stop you. As long as you enjoy doing it is the main thing.
I have a penfriend in the UK who is a very sick man and he makes cards when he can. Some of them he thinks aren't the best but we love them because he made them especially for us.